About Dick Leatherman

Dick Leatherman served as a Manager of Education and Training for the 3M Company, and then spent twenty-five years as the CEO of International Training Consultants, Inc. (ITC). He successfully grew ITC from a one-person organization to a major producer of training packages, videos, and assessment instrumentation, and served as the Chairman of the Board. He taught as an adjunct at George Washington University, and on his retirement After leaving from ITC, he taught full time at the University of Richmond, where he was an Associate Professor and the Academic Program Director of Human Resource Management for the School of Professional and Continuing Studies. Dick is a past winner of his University’s "Distinguished Teacher Award.” On retiring from the University, Dick now teachers one course per semester in the graduate program at the University of Richmond, conducts training workshops on a variety of leadership topics for private, public, and non-profit organizations.

Dick is widely recognized for his pioneering work in the areas of trainer training, employee development, and needs assessment instrumentation. His published instrument, the Leatherman Leadership Questionnaire (LLQ) was the premiere test for measuring leadership knowledge. He is the author of several professional books, including The Training Trilogy, Quality Leadership Skills, and Is Coffee Break the Best Part of Your Day?

He consistently received outstanding student evaluations in the HRM graduate course, "Leadership Skills," "Introduction to Leadership," and "Training Design and Facilitation Skills" courses he taught to the adults in the School of Professional and Continuing Studies.

He earned his M.A. in Adult Education and Ph.D. in Urban Services, Human Resource Development from Virginia Commonwealth University.